Monday, February 15, 2010

Know Yourself

Spiritual Task of the Day: Spiritual task of the day: Look in the mirror for a good five minutes and find 5 positive features about yourself.

To Know Yourself is to Love Yourself

Happy Valentine’s Day! To mark the occasion let’s take a look at love. My mommy always said that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t truly love anyone else. I pondered this thought for years and I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t truly love yourself, until you know yourself. Has anyone ever told you they loved you and you sat back wondering why? Who is it they actually love? Do they maybe see something in you that you don’t see in yourself? Have you maybe adjusted yourself to be who that person wants you to be? Sure they love you, of course they do, but who is it they really love?

That’s where a little self-discovery comes into play. Sometimes the most drastic self discovery is made in times of crisis, trauma and life or death situations. But let’s not go jumping in front of buses to figure out who we really are.

Here are some ideas of how to get to know the real You:

• Keep a journal. Look back on your journals periodically to see the changes within yourself, maybe as a ritual on New Years or your birthday. Make it a way of celebrating You.
• List your Strengths and Weaknesses and decide if any of them need changing or if they are quirks that make you You.
• Give thanks to your creator, no matter what name you chose to give them. Remember that you are connected to a greater being in some way, shape or form and making you a truly divine creature as well.
• Get to know your body. This is a constant exercise as your body is always changing. If you believe a higher power is within in, then your body is their temple so you might want to get to know it. Stand naked in front of a mirror. Take the time to look at the lines in your hands, the creases in your feet, the symmetry of your toes, what part of your body is the softest. See how far you can stretch your limbs. Take stock of the situation and decide whether a change is needed or if you can accept the parts you are unhappy with. Most importantly focus on the parts of yourself that you like.
• Figure out what you want in life, your “True Will” so to speak. Now personally I’ve never been able to achieve this goal, if you have any ideas on how to find this answer, please let me know!
• Listen to criticism but don’t take it as gospel. If most of your friends say you are selfish for example, think about the actions you are doing to give off that impression. You might find you aren’t selfish at all but that you are doing something that appears selfish to others. Also remember to take what people say with a grain of salt so to speak. Opinions are just that, opinions. Don’t just focus on the bad, focus on the good too. If every one says you are the best listener, take pride in that and put some meditative focus into what makes you that way. Keep in mind that what you say to someone may be reflected upon as well, words hurt, so be mindful of your criticisms and generous with your compliments.
• Reflect. Every night before bed think about your day. How did you feel today? Was there anything you would change if you could start the day over again? Did you make yourself proud at any given moment throughout the day? Did someone make you feel good or bad today? What did they do and why did you react that way? Which brings me to the two most useful exercises in self-discovery…
• Pay attention to yourself in the moment and ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS! Asking yourself questions is the best way to really get to know You!

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