Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meditation Techique: Colour Your Emotions

Imagine… You storm out of your house or office, angry and frustrated. Your skin is radiating hostility; your blood is running hot and electrified through your veins. It’s invigorating but very negative and draining. What do you do?

Get in your car. Make sure the windows are closed. Close your eyes and pick a colour that best represents your feelings. Take a deep breath through your nose picturing a little filter at the end of your nostrils that only lets clean fresh positive air into your system. Then, breathe out slowly and visualize the emotion draining out of you in your chosen colour. Repeat this breathing technique until your body is empty of the feeling and the car is full of the colour. Crack the window and visualize all of that accumulated colour and emotion sucked out of the car through the window and whisked far away into the universe.

This technique can be used pretty much anywhere, and doesn’t necessarily require a vehicle. With practice, it can come naturally to you and you won’t be required to close your eyes anymore. I hope you find this technique useful. 

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  1. I love this, and will definitely incorporate this into day when needed. Thanks for sharing.